We would like to invite your school to participate in environmental education at Darebin Parklands.

The aim of our environmental education program is to foster practical skills and knowledge whilst achieving the required outcomes stated within the curriculum. Excursions to the park can range from 1 hour to a full day and our services are free.

The fully qualified staff at Darebin Parklands have over twenty years experience and provide quality education programs for schools, community groups and individuals.

As a recognised leader in education programs in Melbourne, Darebin Parklands offers a truly unique, easily accessible and cost free alternative for environmental education.

Darebin Parklands comprises an area of approximately 27 hectares of urban bushland straddling the Darebin Creek. The park is located 8 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, between the suburbs of Ivanhoe and Alphington. The park is highly accessible being both on a bus route and adjacent to the Hurstbridge railway line.

The following subjects are available to your school, or call us and we can devise a strategy to best suit your needs.

Here are some of the great sessions we can offer:

What is that Waterbug? (Prep – 10)

Students discover Waterbugs (macroinvertebrates) living in their local stream. Identification of waterbugs can indicate the health of the stream. Features a range of age-appropriate resources. A very popular activity!

Water Testing (3 – 11)

Students become real-life water scientists and test water from their local stream. They test the water for a number of factors such as salinity, clarity, acidity and the presence of chemical pollutants. Good for a range of ages.

Catchment Story (Prep – 7)

Students dress up and pretend to be people living along the Darebin Creek. The characters add different pollutants to “The Darebin Creek” and we discover that if a lot of people add a little bit of pollution , we get a n unhealthy creek. A popular and memorable activity for primary classes.

Fascinating Frogs (Prep – 7)

Students learn about the lives and calls of frogs living in their local creeks and wetlands. We then play a game called “Frog Bingo” where students try to match up frog calls to their pictures.

Over the past few years, DCMC has given education sessions to over 3000 children per year. This is what some had to say:

"We learnt lots about the environment but in a fun kind of way"
- Student, Apollo Parkways Primary School.

"The team work was fun and actually experimenting with the water and equipment was interesting"
- Student, Reservoir District Secondary College.

"The children really did get a lot out of the day and were talking about their experiences in the classroom"
- Teacher, Bundoora Primary School.

To discuss your next education session call Peter Grenfell on 0423957129, 9499 4454 or email pgrenfell@dcmc.org.au .



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